40K Squats (Space Dwarves for you youngsters)

Old Artwork, green, yellow red.  I decided to paint mine like this..

Again, back when I was a GW Staff, I was scratching my head as to what army to do next.   I had plastic Imperial Guard bits and some loose Tyranid stuff, and was GOING to do a Genestealer Cult. But then, Adam Min-Van (yes that was his nickname) hands me plastic dwarf parts.  I look at him, he nods, and then I made a Space Dwarf test-model, a long-abandoned army by GW.  My quest was to finish them for Staff Grand Tournament, where I'd likely get fired for Heresy!   My original Scheme (pics on Dakka, link) was a Cadian color scheme, but then I decided to repaint them with Non-Metal Metal techniques to top it all off, make them goofy and cartoony.  These are the pics.   Army sold to Death-by-Taxes in 2011.

Test models in the new scheme.  Plastic dwarf bits, Cadian arms and weapons, space marine backpack vents for the shoulder-mounted mining lamps.  Sounds easy.  Isn't

2 new scheme, 6 old scheme, plus Thudd-Gun (Autocannons mounted on Ork Zzap gun chassis)

Old Squat weapon, think it was called Earthshaker.  Old scheme, used to be Basilisk barrel, I decided to beef it up some!

For scale.

Unit done.   Look a the NMM gold and silver on the Axe...

WIP on the Earthshaker, new barrel.

Tiny holes in the barrel.. gas vents or something?

Melta-gun Veteran.  Grenade launcher casing plus scenery exhaust for the barrel.  

Lascannons on the last Tarantula track bits in the UK, plus my Sentinels in the background.. AKA Squat Mechs

Command Squad.  So many dwarf special characters in one picture!

Whole Army.  Squats used to run Rhinos, so these are 'Chimera's with multilaser turrets and hull mounted weapons.

Squat Demolisher.  No turret plus Chimera tracks vs Leman Russ makes for very low profile.. which meant most dreadnoughts could shoot over my vehicles!!!!

2nd Demolisher

Finished Earthshaker.  Note special White Dwarf Mag Squat Engineer crewman.. the only legit Squat in the army!!

Squat Trikes.  These are made from Space Marine attack-bikes.  Counted as Roughriders, and they were useless... but looked cool!

Close-up of Veteran Rhino.  Note the extra armour plates and rivetting everywhere..

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